Trak - Male Fertility Tracker

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Take control and improve your chances of conception.

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What is your count?

Infertility rates are climbing and sperm counts are plummeting.  

We want to help.

Trak is a revolutionary semen analysis platform that provides a simple and accurate way to monitor sperm quality from the comfort of your home. Male infertility is a large and growing problem caused by a variety of factors, many of which can be treated or reversed. Trak is a tool for men to take charge of their fertility, boost their sperm quality, and improve their chances of conception.


Learn the Facts and Take Control.

Male infertility is a complex, private, and sometimes overwhelming issue faced by millions of couples every year.  Visit Don't Cook Your Balls today to learn the facts surrounding male reproductive health and steps that you can begin now to improve your fertility and enhance your chances of pregnancy.