3 Tips To Maximize Your Sperm Count This Summer

Several large-scale research studies show that sperm counts decline during the hot summer months and recover during the fall and winter.  Let’s explore how higher temperature and longer days may contribute to reduced sperm count.

How does summer heat impact sperm production?

Sperm are much more sensitive to heat than any other cell in the body. Temperatures above about 95⁰F activate a protein called Heat Shock Factor in developing sperm. If sperm are exposed to temperatures above 95⁰F for long periods of time, Heat Shock Factor will cause the sperm to die before they are mature. In comparison, other cells in your body won’t activate Heat Shock Factor until they reach temperatures higher than 105⁰F (which is why fevers above 105⁰F are considered dangerous).  Because your sperm are much more sensitive, extended exposure to heat can cause a dip in your sperm count while the rest of your body feels fine.

Longer days can impact a man’s hormones

Researchers have also studied how testosterone levels change throughout the year. Testosterone peaks in the morning following a good night’s sleep. Longer days or other changes to sleep habits during the summer months can decrease testosterone levels, which in turn can impact sperm production.

3 tips to keep your swimmers happy and healthy during the hot summer months:

  1. Pay attention to the temperature: Check the daily weather report. If the temp looks like it is going to be in the 90s or higher, do what you can to limit time outside or wear breathable clothing that helps air circulate below the belt. Some activities such as grilling or working on cars can elevate temps around the waist, so be mindful of your buddies during your summer activities. Counter balance heat exposures by taking a quick dip in the pool or lake to help cool things off.
  2. Invest in some black out curtains: If the extra light at night or in the morning is disrupting your sleep, invest in some black out curtains to help improve your shut eye.
  3. Everything in moderation: Summer is a time to let loose and enjoy some of the finer things in life. Go for it, but try to limit over indulgence in unhealthy foods, alcohol, cigarettes or marijuana. All these things have been tied to lower sperm counts.