Are you on a baby trajectory this year? Reaching your goal to get pregnant may require more than just going off of birth control. Some manly tune up may be needed to get your sperm into their best baby-making shape. Infertility is unfortunately pretty common in men, and most couples don’t test and address the male side until far along in their fertility journey.

Trak is here to help so that doesn’t happen to you.

Below is a brief summary of our 6 Step Guide to Increasing Your Sperm Count6 things every guy should do for 90 days to maximize his sperm count and fertility.  Have you had your sperm tested? If not, Trak is the best first step on your fertility journey so you can get your baseline and see progress as you take steps to boost your sperm count and chances of conception. Get started today.

Step 1. Ice Your Balls

The testicles are on the outside of the body for a reason, and it’s NOT to make them an easier target.  It’s to keep them a few degrees cooler than the rest of your body so they can more efficiently manufacture your sperm.  So, avoid unnecessary heat sources (think hot tubs, saunas, lap tops, grills, and bike seats), and try to cool down your baby-makers for 30-60 minutes every day. Using an ice pack, or even better a testicular cooling device, can counteract the effects of excessive heat to your nether-regions.

Research has shown testicular cooling can increase men’s sperm counts by 100% or more in just a few months, so get started on this one today.

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Step 2. Adopt a Sperm-Friendly Nutrition Plan

Make sure your diet includes the key nutrients your sperm need to grow and thrive (things like Omega-3s, Folate, Coenzyme Q10, Selenium, Zinc and Vitamins E and C). Throw some fertility-friendly foods into your everyday meals, and consider taking a daily male fertility supplement that includes vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that have been shown to support sperm production.

Check out our Man’s Guide to Nutrition for lists of the key minerals, superfoods, and meal tips to help you optimize your baby plan diet.

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Step 3. Remove Unnecessary Toxins From Your Life

These include the fun ones (like smoking, drugs, alcohol) and not-so-fun ones (like environmental contaminants and chemical fumes at work).  Sperm are pretty finicky and introducing these toxic substances can kill off your sperm.  For example, men regularly exposed to agricultural pesticides had up to 30 times poorer sperm quality. Minor and infrequent exposures probably aren’t too dangerous.  It’s the long, consistent exposures that can be risky and you’re best off avoiding these things if you can.

Toxins Bad for Male Fertility

Step 4. Get Moving

What’s good for your heart is good for your sperm.

The science is pretty clear: men who exercise regularly and stay in decent shape tend to have better sperm quality and fertility than sedentary and out of shape guys. If you’re looking for some motivation to be more active and lose the excess pounds, boosting your fertility could be it.

We know – keeping your weight in check is much easier said than done. But your beer gut could be killing your sperm.  Studies have shown that obese men are 20 times as likely to have a low sperm count than men with a health BMI. All those extra fat cells act as a factory for estrogen (and thus a garbage dump for your testosterone).  Losing the weight could help you boost your natural testosterone, which in turn can lead to more sperm production.

See our Exercise Tips for Improving Male Fertility for guidance on workout routines and ideas for getting started.

Exercise Tips for Improving Male Fertility

Step 5. Get Better Sleep

Did you know your body produces testosterone while you’re sleeping?  We didn’t either until a doctor told us.  Sleep is very important for your health.  Your body needs that time to recover and replenish.  A recent study showed that men who get 6 hours or less are 31% less likely to impregnate their partner than those who get 7-8 hours. If you’re not regularly getting enough sleep, you could be doing damage to yourself and your sperm.  For starters try to stick to a routine, avoid caffeine after 3pm, and turn off the devices for bed.  If that doesn’t work consider more professional treatment.  Getting good sleep is the most unappreciated third of your life.  It’s worth making sure you’re not cutting it short.

Sleep Tips

Step 6. Ejaculate Regularly and Have Good Sex

That’s right. If you’re a guy, you need to ejaculate regularly (every 2 to 3 days), and you need good sex.

Regular ejaculation helps keep everything down there healthy, fresh, and well-oiled. It helps keep your sperm count up with healthy, live cells. It’s also good for your overall health, as regular ejaculation has been linked to lower risk of prostate cancer. So have at it guys – it’s for your own good.

And when you have sex, especially when trying to conceive, make sure it’s “good sex”. Mother Nature has this figured out – hot, romantic sex improves fertility for both partners.

Sex Tips for Couples Trying to Conceive

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Get more information at Trak’s 6 Step Guide to Improving Sperm Count.