Are you at risk?

Sperm count isn’t set in stone. Small changes to your health and habits can make a major impact in your sperm count. Here are the five biggest risk factors that can drastically damage your fertility:


Sustained high temperatures impact sperm production and sperm quality. Your testicles need to be about 4 degrees cooler than body temp. The higher the temperature and longer the exposure time, the greater the impact on your sperm.


Sperm are particularly sensitive to what you eat. They need key nutrients including folate, selenium, zinc and several antioxidants to develop properly.


Exercise can increase blood flow and can help to lower your BMI. It can also increase testosterone levels.


Stress alters your hormonal profile. Testosterone is converted into cortisol, a hormone that prevents the body from absorbing testosterone.


Your reproductive system is one of the most sensitive systems in your body. Prolonged exposure to alcohol, drugs, or various chemicals could majorly impact your fertility.