Trak Live Ep 4 - Dr. David Adamson MD - "Fertility is a human right"

In this episode, Trak CoFounder Greg Sommer is joined by esteemed pioneer in the field of reproductive medicine Dr. David Adamson MD. Dr. Adamson is a fertility specialist practicing at PAMF Fertility Physicians of Northern California, the Founder of ARC Fertility, adjunct professor at Stanford University Medical School, past president of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, and a fertility expert for the World Health Organization.

Topics include:

  • Why communication is critical for helping men engage in fertility treatment discussions
  • Current affordability options for couples considering treatment
  • What options are available to men with low sperm counts
  • Why the United Nations and World Health Organization views infertility as a disease and a major world health concern
  • What big advances are ahead for the field of reproductive medicine

"One of the biggest problems in reproduction is that men have been largely left out of it. I think it's really great that Trak is trying to increase awareness of the importance of fertility to men." - Dr. Adamson