Trak Live Ep 1 - Dr. Michael Eisenberg MD - "There's a reason men die earlier than women"

In this first episode, renowned Urologist Dr. Michael Eisenberg (Stanford University Medical Center) and Trak CoFounder Greg Sommer kick off Men's Health Week 2017 by answering Facebook Live questions and discussing the links between men's sperm, fertility, and overall health.

Topics include:

  • How big of a problem is male fertility?
  • What is the link between sperm quality and overall health?
  • Can you really change your sperm count?
  • How is sperm health impacted when someone experiences testicular trauma (getting kicked in the balls)?

"Women are used to going to their doctor every year from an early age... that mechanism isn't really in place for men unfortunately.  For men in their 20's, 30's, and 40's, during reproductive years, talking to men about things like health habits, smoking... there's an opportunity for men to live healthier lives.  Having a baby is a powerful motivator." - Dr. Eisenberg