Trak Live Ep 7 - Prof. Chris Barratt - "We know very little about the man"

Professor of Reproductive Medicine and World Health Organization Director Christopher Barratt (University of Dundee, Scotland) joins Trak CoFounder Greg Sommer to discuss the recent news on declining male fertility and need for more research in reproduction.

Topics include: 

  • A breakdown of the recent Newsweek cover story "What's Killing America's Sperm?"
  • Why men are traditionally overlooked for fertility issues
  • How our knowledge around male reproduction remains extremely limited
  • Top theories behind what's driving the decline in sperm count
  • How male fertility is perceived in different parts of the world, and
  • Why age remains the biggest hurdle for couples trying to conceive.

"We know very little about the man - for diagnosis and for treatment... The question is why is that so. I think that's partially historical - Up until relatively recently, the man as a combination for infertility has been pretty much ignored.  Everything has been due to female infertility.  It's only in the last 50 years or so that the man has been dilineated to have any use in conceiving...  What we understand, therefore, about the physiology, production, and movement of sperm is very poor." - Professor Christopher Barratt