Trak for Veterans: Our Commitment to Help Military Service Members on Their Path to Fatherhood

May is Military Appreciation Month, and we at Trak extend our utmost gratitude to all those who have served or are currently serving in our Armed Forces.  

And to say thank you, we are proud to announce our new Military Discount program providing 20% off all Trak products to all active and veteran military personnel.  We are honored that Trak has helped many service members and their partners start their families already and we are thrilled to now provide this ongoing discount program to help more military families.

Trak Military Discount Program

Research suggest military service can impact male fertility

Recent research suggests that the perils of war and military service can take an especially harsh toll on men’s reproductive health.

A 2014 study found that veterans of the U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq appear to be seeking fertility evaluation and treatment at a rate higher than both non-deployed military personnel as well as the general U.S. population.  

And a 2017 study published in the journal Military Medicine shows that the average sperm count and semen volume in U.S. veterans appear to be lower than average levels in the general population, with veterans diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or major depression especially affected.

So why does military service have such a dramatic effect on fertility? Injuries are of course an important factor.  In both Iraq and Afghanistan, the frequency of soldiers sustaining blast trauma to the groin has been much higher than in previous wars due to extended use of bombs planted in the ground and the need for soldiers to patrol on foot in the rough terrain. Such trauma to a man’s sensitive reproductive region often impairs his ability to father children.

But researchers also believe the occupational hazards associated with military service are harmful to one’s fertility.  Extreme climates and altitudes, exposures to heat and chemicals, and the high stress associated with deployment are all known to negatively impact sperm production.  And the long-term emotional and psychological issues that many soldiers face after returning home seem to heighten the effect.


IVF for Veterans

In 2016 Congress passed a temporary bill that allows the U.S. Veterans Administration (VA) to cover fertility treatment, including in vitro fertilization, for veterans who have sustained service-related injuries impairing their ability to reproduce.  This bill was a major victory for military families and was due in large part to the work of patient and military advocacy groups including RESOLVE and the Wounded Warrior Project.  Without the coverage, an estimated 2,000 veterans would be unable to start their families due to their service-related injuries.

How Trak can help

At Trak, we want to help men become dads no matter where they are on their path to fatherhood.  Access to fertility evaluation and treatment remains a significant barrier for many couples, especially for many veterans who may face a higher risk for infertility.

Trak allows you to easily measure, track, and learn to improve sperm count and semen volume at home.  Trak can help you see where you stand and learn your best options for optimizing your fertility and chances of conception.

We salute all the brave women and men serving our country and securing our freedom. Your service should not include sacrificing your ability to start and grow your family. We thank you and hope that Trak can help you reach your family goals.

Veterans and military personnel can click here to instantly verify eligibility status and redeem the 20% discount.