Trak Male Fertility Testing System - 2 test kit

Trak Male Fertility Testing System

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Low sperm counts are a leading cause of infertility and can delay your ability to get pregnant. Luckily your count isn’t set in stone. Find out where you stand and start optimizing your reproductive health today with Trak, the award-winning at-home Male Fertility Testing System that delivers much more than just results.


About Trak Fertility Test For Men

  • Easy-to-use. Comprehensive kit includes everything you need to test sperm count and semen volume in the privacy and comfort of home.
  • Designed for conception. More than a yes or no, Trak is the only at-home test to measure sperm count as Low, Moderate or Optimal for conception.
  • NEW semen volume collection cups. The new Trak Volume Cups are the only FDA cleared way to diagnose hypospermia (low semen volume) at home.
  • Accurate as the lab. Trak’s precision engineered microfluidic technology is FDA cleared and validated against standard lab methods
  • See changes. Use the Multi-Test System with the Trak: Sperm Health & Fertility App to log, track and try to improve sperm count over time: 4 tests included, refills available
  • Private. Discreet, unmarked packaging delivered to your door – no prescription, no mailing, no waiting for appointments.
  • Immediate, no hassle results.
  • HSA / FSA eligible. Save money by using Health Savings Account or Flex Spending Account dollars.
  • Military Discount now available
  • Made in the USA

What's Included

1 Engine, 4 Sperm Count Props, 4 Semen Volume Cups, 8 droppers, 8 seal before spin stickers, 1 bottle of control solution, 2 AA batteries, Owner’s Guide, and our 27-page Man’s Guide to Reproductive Health

Customer Reviews

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Wish it was cheaper

Wish the price wasn't so expensive being US dollars wish they bought and sold it in Australia

Peace of Mind in Privacy

I was curious if I was fertile. It's a pretty easy to follow test and something I would prefer to do in the privacy of my own and see results myself rather than having to deal with the awkwardness of providing and then reacting to results with strangers. I wish the Doctor my wife had chosen knew about it, so I wouldn't have to go to a clinic to give another sample.

Product is okay but not worth the money

Bought this for my husband. It is very hard to read if there is any sperm in the bottom. The lines on the props are smeared. The props that we got were scratched. As far as it working I really don't know. We done 3 tests. 1 control and 2 actual tests. 1 test showed maybe a trace amount and the next one showed above 15... If they change the props design or what ever I might consider buying more, but with smeared yellow lines and deep scratches it just isn't worth it.

Hey Jamie! We sent you an email to get more information about your experience. Our Trak props are tested through rigorous clinical trials in order to make sure their accurate and easy to use. We hope we can connect to understand your experience and find a way to improve upon it. Thanks in advance for your help!

Im so happy that a product like this was created. It gives many couples the chance to have a family.


Im so happy that a product like this was created. It gives many couples the chance to have a family.