CNET | Can fertility monitors for men and women help couples get pregnant?

Bracelets, mattress monitors and phone attachments are aiming to help couples get pregnant, but they only look at one part of the equation and the most effective fertility tech may actually be for the men… writes CNET Author, Vanessa Hand Orellana.

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Fertility Tech for Men

“Infertility is often seen as a woman’s problem,” says Dr. Michael Eisenberg, associate professor of urology at Stanford University. “But only about one- third of infertility cases are women, 30 percent are men and 30 percent of the time it’s both.”

The traditional test for male infertility requires men to go to a clinic and ejaculate a semen sample, which is later analyzed in a lab. But Eisenberg says many men aren’t willing to go through the testing process. “When couples are ready to conceive, the first one to go in [to a lab] is the women,” he says. “The process for a man is awkward and gross.”

Technology, though, is lowering that testing barrier. FDA-cleared options, like Trak Fertility, provide the consumer with an at-home sperm analysis kit option that men can take at home.

Is the Tech Worth It?

For men, it’s a no-brainer. The convenience of being able to screen for problems can be key in identifying fertility issues early on. Though the tests won’t provide the kind of information that a proper lab test would, they can be a great screening tool. They let men take steps to improve semen quality and track progress over time without having to set foot in a lab. And if there is a problem, they can encourage a man to see a specialist sooner.

The full story with reviews on multiple fertility products for both men and women appears in the Summer 2018 edition of CNET Magazine and online at CNET website. 



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