Cool Your Testicles For Better Sperm(Yes, Really)

Are you cooking your balls?

Heat exposure is one of the biggest contributors to infertility in men.

Testicles are on the outside of the body because optimal sperm production occurs around 4 degrees cooler than body temperature. Your sperm don’t like to sweat.

Unfortunately a lot of daily routines can cause high scrotal temperatures and reduced sperm count.  Sitting, driving, bike riding, grilling, laptops, varicoceles, excessive weight, and even the weather can spike your nether temperature and lower your sperm count.

Heat sources that impact male fertility

Testicular Cooling is a Proven Way to Improve Sperm Count

Research studies have shown that actively cooling your testicles can lead to dramatic improvement in testosterone and sperm production. You don’t need to ice your balls constantly – even just 30 to 60 minutes a day can make a big difference with optimal results often seen after 12 weeks.

“Thank you very much for this product. It really has made a difference!” – Snowballs™ Underwear user

Are you taking the Trak 90 Day Challenge? Make sure testicular cooling is part of your plan.

Chill Your Way to Better Sperm with Trak

Trak is proudly partnering with the leaders in manly cooling to make it easy to cool, test, and optimize your sperm count.

Snowballs™ Underwear is the scientifically backed cooling underwear designed to naturally improve male fertility and testosterone.  These comfortable, organic, all-day underwear are designed with a pouch fitting special ergonomic ice packs – SnowWedges™ – each of which keeps you cold for about 30 minutes.

The Underdog™ Fertility Cooling Kit is a patented, non-invasive, low-risk cooling system designed to gently cool your balls. It uses an ice pack with a novel wedge shape and precision insulation system to deliver the optimal amount of cooling. You can use it whenever driving or sitting.