How does the cost of Trak® compare?

Learn how Trak can save you thousands down the road.

Fertility treatment can cost TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars. Yes, the costs vary depending on your diagnosis, necessary procedures, number of rounds, etc., but we all know it’s EXPENSIVE.

Unfortunately, most men aren’t aware of the steps they should take early in their fertility journey to improve their chances of natural conception and to avoid IVF treatment. Most men don’t even get their sperm count tested until they agree to see a fertility specialist.

That’s why we built Trak.

It’s the only at home sperm count test that provides your results as Low, Moderate, or Optimal (what we call semi-quantitative).  That means that you can track your progress over time.  If you’re trying to get pregnant, give yourself the best chance of getting pregnant right off the bat. You don’t have to wait until you’ve been trying for months.

See why Trak is your best option from the get go in the chart below.

At a tiny fraction of the cost of IVF, and less than the leading female fertility trackers, Trak helps men measure and try to improve their sperm quality early in the fertility process.  Unlike other home tests that only provide a Yes/No screening around a very low threshold, Trak uniquely shows you where you fall on the broad range of sperm counts and helps you see changes as you commit to sperm-friendly living.

And if you do need specialized treatment, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Not only will we help you find the male fertility specialist nearest you, but Trak can help you optimize your sperm production to improve your chances of treatment success. See Trak’s Man’s Guide to Fertility Treatment for more information.