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Trak was a game changer.
It gave me the motivation I needed to get my health on Trak”.

Jay and Toni had been struggling to conceive for just under 12 months when they decided to purchase Trak. The first test was a little disappointing to realize that Jay’s sperm count was a little lower than it should be, but it gave them hope that there was something they could do.

After filling out the health assessment in the app, Jay realized there were a number of changes he could make in his life that would improve his health and hopefully, his sperm count.

After two months of trading chips for bell peppers, Jay was pumped to learn that his sperm count was “Optimal.” A month later, Toni surprised him with a positive pregnancy test result!

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“I was undergoing fertility treatment (varicocele surgery and later IVF) and found myself needing multiple expensive semen analyses ($200+ a pop in my area). Trak gave me a cheap way to supplement the clinical information in between lab tests and roughly monitor my post-procedure progress.”

“I’ll never forget having to wait to go into the ‘sample room’ with my husband with the nurse coming out every 15 minutes saying ‘So sorry, our previous client is not done yet’. And then there was the poor man that walked out of there after nearly 45 minutes of trying to perform under pressure!  When I learned of Trak, I kept thinking of that poor man and how he could have skipped all that and used Trak. I’ve since heard similar stories from other wives about their poor husbands. Here’s to Trak! Eliminating performance anxiety and allowing real tracking of a real fertility issue!”

“I work in the fertility industry and heard about Trak via a colleague. I found the test to be useful and it helped me be confident going into the conception phase. We were successful and are expecting a daughter in December.”

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