Deciding to stop birth control to try to get pregnant is a big and exciting moment. Unfortunately though, many couples end up facing a harsh reality: getting pregnant is often not as easy as our high school teachers had us believe.

Sometimes months and years can go by with no success. Suddenly the joy and excitement about starting your family can be replaced with stress and worry.

But what many people (especially men) don’t recognize is that there are steps they can and should be doing from the get-go to improve their odds of conception.

“Pulling the goalie” is a strategy hockey teams use to optimize their chances of scoring a goal late in the game by replacing their goalie with an offensive player. What hockey teams DON’T do is put the goalie on the bench without sending another offensive player onto the ice. Pulling the goalie is an aggressive strategy proven to give teams their best shot at winning.

So why shouldn’t you give yourself your best shot at getting pregnant?

That’s where Trak comes in. Are you ready to test your sperm?

If you’re a guy new to the “fertility game”, there’s two big things you need to know:

  • More is better. The higher your sperm count, the better your chances of getting pregnant.
  • Your sperm count can change. Just like your weight, cholesterol, and bad breath, you can make changes to your health and lifestyle that can improve your sperm count and fertility.

We built Trak to help you navigate this important time in your life as you try to become a dad.

Ditching the condoms and birth control? Now is the time to take the Trak 90 Day Challenge to test your sperm count and semen volume at home and see how much you can improve your fertility. 

It’s only going to help.

Not only is it going to help your fertility, it’s going to help your overall health, energy, and virility.

And you know what else? Your partner’s going to love it. There’s something really attractive about a guy personally committed to his health and future family.

“Pulling the goalie” is passive. Get aggressive, stack your offense, and win with Trak.