Employer Benefits Program

Fertility is not just a female issue…

Employer Benefits Program

Fertility is not just a female issue…


of infertility cases are attributed to men


decline in average sperm count since 1970s


higher mortality rate in infertile men

Trak Employer Benefits Program

Balance the Fertility Equation in Your Benefits Program with Trak®

  • Comprehensive preconception solution for men trying to conceive
  • At-home testing & guidance to maximize male reproductive health
  • Engages men early to improve sperm count, fertility, and overall health

“Healthier men means healthier sperm and healthier babies.

Trak is the best way for men to quickly ASSESS their current reproductive health from the comfort of their own home and equip themselves with the tools they need to IMPROVE.”

Michael Eisenberg, MD

Director of Male Reproductive Medicine and Surgery, Stanford University Medical Center

Make TRAK Part of Your Benefits Solution & Get Men on the Right TRAK to Fatherhood

  • Improve Employees’ Chances of Conception
  • Reduce Fertility Treatment & Postpartum Costs
  • Boost Employee Productivity
  • Improve Men’s Overall Health
  • Delivers High Multiple ROI

Employees Will Love this New, Innovative Benefit!

“Trak provides a cost effective fertility benefit for men that can accelerate conception while improving our overall health.”


Contact us here to learn more about enhancing your fertility benefits and overall employee health with a low risk, data-driven, cost saving program.