Gents Tested: Trak: Male Fertility-At-Home Kit

During my early 20’s I was always very active and energetic. I’ve also heard people say once you hit your 30’s, all of that takes a nose dive. That may be an exaggeration, but I do feel the effects of “Father Time.” The majority of men have four main concerns as they get older: hair loss, gaining weight, decreasing testosterone levels, and low sperm count.

Researchers found over the past few decades, total sperm count in men from North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand declined by almost 60 percent, while sperm concentration dropped 52 percent. Could this link to genetics or lifestyle choices? It is hard to say. There is a way men can find out how potent their “swimmers” are at the comfort of their homes thanks to Trak.

They Say: “Cleared by the FDA, Trak is an easy-to-use device applies spiral force to isolate and quantify sperm cells using specially designed disposable cartridges, which in turn produces lab-quality sperm count measurements. It also comes with several disposable test kits for repeat testing.”

We Say: The kit is very straightforward and easy-to-use. It comes with two guides: Quick reference and Your Health & Habits Matter. To get started, you have to download the interactive mobile app. You have to enter a few lifestyle questions. The app will then analyze your answers and give you a score. After that, you are ready to go. The mobile app tracks your progress in different stages of your life. What does this mean? If your sperm level is low at the beginning of the testing, with repeated testing, you can see real indicators of whether the changes to your lifestyle are making any improvements to your health.

I won’t bore you with the step by step process of the kit.  What makes Trak stand out from the competitors, instead of showing a single output, like “Good” or “Bad,” Trak’s classifies sperm counts as Low, Moderate or Optimal.

It is always hard to trust the level of accuracy for at home kits like Trak. I think a comprehensive test by your doctor is always the best option. Using a system like Trak this is a safe, inexpensive, and private way towards understanding and improving your health.