Get the most out of Trak (Part 1: Test)

Trak is more than just a home test kit – it’s a whole new approach to fertility that can help you maximize your sperm production and tilt the odds of conception into your favor.

Think of Trak the same way you think about your bathroom scale when you’re trying to get in shape – instead of shedding some pounds you’re going to Trak yourself to into elite sperm producing shape.

Here are some tips to get the most out of step 1 of Trak’s 3 step approach: Test


Your Trak System is a high-tech, precision-engineered device that will give you immediate sperm count results from the comfort of home.  Consider the following recommendations to make the most of your home testing:

  • Test yourself twice, a week or so apart, when you first get the kit. Sperm counts can fluctuate for a lot of reasons, so testing twice will help you establish a “baseline average” out of the gate.
  • Abstain the same amount of time before each test. The amount of time since your last ejaculation can impact your results.  We recommend 2-7 days.  So if you waited 3 days the first time, wait 3 days every time.
  • Log your results into the Trak App. The App will give you more information about what your results mean, how you compare to the general population, and what to do next.
  • Test monthly (during her period). It can take a few months to see meaningful changes in your count, so a regular monthly test schedule gives you a good data set to track your count over time.  And testing during her period makes sure you’re not interfering with your baby-making goals.  Does she track her cycle with an app?  Have her share the app or let you know so you can plan.
  • Is she in her fertile window? Don’t test!  Have sex instead. Having sex every other day during her fertile window (the six-day interval when pregnancy can occur, ending on her ovulation day) will optimize your chances of getting pregnant.