Get the most out of Trak (Part 2: Learn)

Trak is more than just a home test kit – it’s a whole new approach to fertility that can help you maximize your sperm production and tilt the odds of conception into your favor.

Think of Trak the same way you think about your bathroom scale when you’re trying to get in shape – instead of shedding some pounds you’re going to Trak yourself to into elite sperm producing shape.

In Part 1 I provided a few tips for making the most of your home testing experience.

Here are some tips to get the most out of step 2 of Trak’s 3 step approach: Learn


Most guys  know very little about sperm, testicles, hormones, etc.  Maybe you blocked it out, or maybe you just didn’t care until now. Whatever the reason, follow these tips and I guarantee you will learn something and will be that much smarter than your buddies.

  • Take our online Risk Assessment. This questionnaire will help flag areas of your life that could be contribute to fertility issues.  It only takes 5-10 minutes and is a great place to start.
  • Go deeper by filling out the Health and Lifestyle questionnaire in the Trak App. Complete as many of the questions as you can – it takes about 10 minutes or so.  The more you answer, the better your assessment.  We’ve designed and perfected the questionnaire with leading urologists in male reproductive health to identify the key risk factors to your fertility and help you understand what to do about it. You’ll get an overall score (between 1-100) indicating how “sperm-friendly” your responses are.  1 is really bad, 100 is excellent.  You’ll also get a detailed report in the app further explaining your risk factors along with tips to improve.
  • Look through the Man’s Guide to Reproductive Health that comes with your Trak System. The booklet includes facts, clinical research, and other important information related to men’s sexual and reproductive health.  What role does testosterone play in sperm production?  Why does good sex improve your chances of conception?  What occupations are most at risk for infertility?  How old was the world’s oldest father?  It’s all in there.
  • Spend some quality time on This site is the hub for anything and everything about male fertility, written by experts and thought leaders who truly care about the topic.  Want to know why steroids are bad? Or how STDs can interfere?  Is the jury still out on marijuana as a sperm toxin?  Watch some videos, learn about other fertility gadgets, post a question in the community, find a doctor in your area… it’s all there, and it’s totally private and free.