How Trak can guide your journey to fatherhood

Do you want to be a dad?  Here’s a few things to keep in mind:

  • Men contribute to half of all infertility cases
  • Low sperm count is a leading cause of infertility
  • Unhealthy living can take a major toll on your sperm health
  • Sperm count fluctuates over time
  • Small changes to health and habits can help to increase your count relatively quickly

Trak is a new tool to help you optimize your fertility and guide your path to fatherhood.  Here’s how:

TEST. The Trak System is a sleek, innovative device that provides immediate sperm count results in the comfort of your home.  The System comes with four tests to see where you stand and track your progress over time.  Refill packs are also available.

LEARN. Your sperm count can be impacted by many factors, such as your overall health, lifestyle, occupation, medical history, and genetics.  Use the free Trak: Sperm Health & Fertility app to get a detailed assessment of your personalized risk factors, tips for how to improve your sperm production, and to track your progress along the way.

IMPROVE. Small changes to your health and habits can have a big impact.  Trak can help you tilt the odds of conception into your favor and reach your family goals.

Millions of men quietly struggle with infertility every year.  Don’t go through it alone.  If you want to be a dad, we want to help.

Let’s get started.