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About the Trak Team

We are a team of scientists, engineers, software developers, and business professionals. More importantly, we are fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, and friends who care deeply about improving men’s reproductive health and helping people start their family.

Founded in 2012 in part by government scientists from Sandia National Laboratories. Sandstone’s mission is to provide innovative, data-driven tools to help men assess, manage, and improve their reproductive health.

Who We Are

Karen Drexler, Sandstone Diagnostics CEO

Karen Drexler

Paul Manners, Sandstone Diagnostics CFO

Paul Manners

Greg Sommer, Sandstone Diagnostics Founder & CSO

Greg Sommer
Founder and CSO

Ulrich Schaff, Sandstone Diagnostics Founder & CTO

Ulrich Schaff
Founder and CTO

Sara Naab, Sandstone Diagnostics Founder & Trak Coach

Sara Naab
Founder and Trak Head Coach

Marc Rosenstock, Sandstone Diagnostics VP of Marketing

Marc Rosenstock
VP of Marketing

Stephanie Fry, Sandstone Diagnostics Marketing Director

Stephanie Fry
Marketing Director for B2B

Troy Simon, Sandstone Diagnostics Software Director

Troy Simon
Director of Software Development

Michael Eisenberg, MD, Sandstone Diagnostics Chief Medical Officer

Michael Eisenberg, MD
Chief Medical Advisor


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Customer Stories

IT’S Storytime

Trak was a game changer.
It gave me the motivation I needed to get my health on Trak”.

Jay and Toni had been struggling to conceive for just under 12 months when they decided to purchase Trak. The first test was a little disappointing to realize that Jay’s sperm count was a little lower than it should be, but it gave them hope that there was something they could do.

After filling out the health assessment in the app, Jay realized there were a number of changes he could make in his life that would improve his health and hopefully, his sperm count.

After two months of trading chips for bell peppers, Jay was pumped to learn that his sperm count was “Optimal.” A month later, Toni surprised him with a positive pregnancy test result!

More Customer Stories

“I was undergoing fertility treatment (varicocele surgery and later IVF) and found myself needing multiple expensive semen analyses ($200+ a pop in my area). Trak gave me a cheap way to supplement the clinical information in between lab tests and roughly monitor my post-procedure progress.”

“I’ll never forget having to wait to go into the ‘sample room’ with my husband with the nurse coming out every 15 minutes saying ‘So sorry, our previous client is not done yet’. And then there was the poor man that walked out of there after nearly 45 minutes of trying to perform under pressure!  When I learned of Trak, I kept thinking of that poor man and how he could have skipped all that and used Trak. I’ve since heard similar stories from other wives about their poor husbands. Here’s to Trak! Eliminating performance anxiety and allowing real tracking of a real fertility issue!”

“I work in the fertility industry and heard about Trak via a colleague. I found the test to be useful and it helped me be confident going into the conception phase. We were successful and are expecting a daughter in December.”


Introducing Trak Male Fertility Coaching

The Only Fertility Coaching Program Designed Just for Men

No matter where you are in your fertility journey, our experts are here to help you reach your reproductive goals and maximize your chances of conception.

Trak Puts a Fertility Coach in Your Pocket

  • 15-min. live chats with your Trak Coach
  • Customized plan for your goals and lifestyle
  • Review your Trak test results and/or semen analysis results
  • Accountability and ongoing support
  • Private, convenient, and mobile based
  • Expert answers and resources
  • Get Answers. Get Help. Get Pregnant.


Why Trak Coaching?

We know sperm, and we’re used to awkward conversations (believe us).

The internet is full of urban legends about what helps and hurts sperm – boxers vs. briefs, horny goat weed, Mountain Dew… But do any of these things stand up to the test of science? 

Is it possible to improve sperm count? What are the best ways men can increase chances of conception? That’s where Trak Coaching can help. 

Our team of experts created a program specifically designed to help you navigate through all your male fertility questions so you can reach your reproductive goals.

How Trak Coaching Works

Male and Female use Trak Male Fertility Testing System to measure sperm count

First, Get to Know Yourself Better

Use the award-winning Trak Male Fertility Testing System to test your sperm count and semen volume at home or get your semen analysis results from your doctor. Then, download our free mobile app and answer a series of questions designed to identify your personal risk factors and help you understand how your health and habits may be impacting your sperm count and overall reproductive health.

Man evaluates lifestyle habits and simple things he can do to improve sperm count.

Next, Rethink Your Strategy

The Trak App uses a proprietary algorithm to generate your Trak Score based on wellness, diet, exercise, stress, heat and toxins – six important aspects of your life that have been shown to impact sperm production. These results will automatically be sent to your Coach via the Trak app. Our data-empowered Trak Coach will use your test and health assessment results to provide you feedback and help create actionable goals for your existing habits and lifestyle.

Man and women look at Trak Mobile App together.

Then, Make a Game Plan

Use the app to schedule private 15-minute, instant chats with a Trak Coach to discuss goals, personal challenges, and answer any fertility questions you have. Your Trak Coach will work with you to create a customized plan with resources, support and accountability that you need to maximize your progress.

Man makes healthy changes to lifestyle to boost sperm count based on tips from the Trak app.

Finally, Commit to Success

Once you have your plan, make it routine. Your Trak Coach is dedicated to helping you reach your goals and will be there every step of the way.

Sara Naab is the Trak Male Fertility Coach

About Our Head Coach

Sara Naab, Co-Founder, Fertility Coach

Are you trying to become a dad and don’t know who to talk to? Ask me anything! As a co-founder at Trak Fertility and editor of DontCookYourBalls.com, I’ve spent years helping thousands of men with their health and fertility. No question is too embarrassing or awkward. Let ‘em rip. I know sperm, and I’m here to make sure you get the insights and tools you need on your path to fatherhood.

If you have a primary care provider, it’s important to keep them informed.
Upon request, we’ll email you a plan to share with your doctors. While Trak is not a medical provider, nor do we offer medical advice, our coaches will work with your care team. You don’t have to do this alone.

Research and Technology

Trak Technology and Research

Male infertility affects millions of couples every year. Our team is working to help men become dads by redefining what’s possible.

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Innovation with Purpose

Our technology has never been just about measuring sperm counts. It’s about men — and finding better ways for men to manage their reproductive health. We’re committed to building tools and data driven analytics that unlock new men’s health insights that can help couples get pregnant faster.

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Latest Research by Trak

Leading a Revolution in Male Reproductive Health

Sperm are poorly understood. Until now, scientific knowledge around how men’s general health and lifestyle impacts sperm production and fertility has been hampered by relying on expensive, inconvenient, and imprecise lab-based semen analysis techniques. Trak is accelerating the field by merging highly precise home testing with digital data tools: an unprecedented approach to a better understanding of men’s reproductive health.

Trak Home

Men, Meet Trak® Fertility

Test and Start Improving Your Sperm Count At Home

We Help Men Become Dads

Your sperm count is not set in stone. Trak’s award winning solutions are designed to deliver everything you need to test and take control of your reproductive health. Immediately, privately, and on your home turf. See why men are getting into the fertility game with Trak.

More Sperm, Faster Conception
Maximize your chances of conception.

Trusted By Top Urologists
Determine if your fertility is at risk and whether you should see a physician.

Personalized Guidance
Get instant, data-driven health & lifestyle insights to improve male fertility.

FDA Cleared
Fast, easy to use at home, and as accurate as a lab test.


A New Way to Approach Your Fertility


Use Trak® Male Fertility Testing System to measure your sperm concentration and semen volume as LOW, MODERATE, or OPTIMAL for conception. No matter what your result, Trak will be right there with you every step of the way. Our comprehensive approach arms you with the tools you need to get your questions answered, improve your fertility, and reach your reproductive goals.


Use our Mobile App and Coaching tools to take control of your reproductive health on your terms. Our personalized nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle advice is always developed in partnership with leading urologists and backed by the latest scientific literature, research, and medical guidelines.


Sperm count is a unique health parameter that can rise and fall for a lot of different reasons. With Trak® Fertility, you can learn if common risk factors in your health and lifestyle are affecting your fertility and what you can do to improve it.

The Trak Male Fertility Testing System comes with a reusable Trak Engine and 2, 4 or 6 sperm count tests including:

  • Semen volume cups to collect your sample and test for hypospermia (low semen volume)
  • Trak Props to measure your sperm count

Test monthly to maximize your chances of conception, using the Trak app and education to improve your sperm count over time.  Trak also offers Refill Kits with two additional tests for continued testing and tracking.

Trak Mobile App

Finally, a fertility app for men. The Trak: Sperm Health & Fertility App is the only app that assesses your health and lifestyle risks and generates personalized recommendations to improve your sperm count and fertility to get pregnant faster. The app also tracks changes in sperm count or semen analysis test results over time and has a vast content library covering everything you need to know about male reproductive health.


How Trak Works

How The Trak Male Fertility Test Works

A new spin on male fertility testing that delivers more than just results. Track’s patented precision-engineered technology uses centrifugal force to isolate and quantify sperm.

How Trak Works

The Trak System includes everything you need to test your sperm count and semen volume at home. No trips to the clinic. No mailing in your sample. No hassle. Testing is easy, immediate, and accurate.




Collect a sample into the Trak Semen Volume Cup and read your semen volume.



Load the sample into a test Prop and attach to the Engine.




After the 6-minute spin, read your sperm count results.

How To Read Trak Results

Accurate, Easy and Immediate
Trak is the only FDA cleared, at-home sperm test that measures sperm concentration into 3 categories: Low, Moderate, or Optimal for conception. The Trak result categories are based on World Health Organization guidelines and clinical studies that show having an Optimal sperm concentration statistically reduces the influence of other sperm parameters including motility and morphology on fertility outcomes.  To put it simply, the higher the count, the better your chances of conception.

In some cases, a low sperm count or semen volume can indicate more serious underlying health conditions in men like low testosterone, diabetes, or urological disorders. If a Trak user continuously tests low, it’s important that he make an appointment with a reproductive urologist.


Above 55 M/mL
Linked to faster pregnancy.

55 M/mL


Between 15 and 55 M/mL
May take longer to conceive.

15 M/mL


15 M/mL or below
May be at risk for infertility and should consult a physician.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), men who regularly produce less than 1.5 milliliters of semen may be at risk for infertility, as low volume can inhibit the ability of sperm to reach the female reproductive tract. Low semen volume can also be associated with reduced sexual function and pleasure, low testosterone, and an increased risk of other urological conditions and chronic diseases.

What’s In The
Trak System

  1. Engine
  2. Props
  3. Trak semen volume cups
  4. Droppers
  5. Seal before spin stickers
  6. Bottle of control solution
  7. AA batteries
  8. Owner’s Guide
  9. 27-page Man’s Guide to
    Reproductive Health


What’s in the
Trak Refill Kit