Your Guide to Reproductive Health

Use our free app to assess your health and lifestyle risks, track your sperm count or semen analysis results, and get personalized recommendations to improve sperm count and get pregnant faster.

  • Take the Trak Health Assessment: Answer a series of questions designed to identify your personal risk factors and help you understand how your health and habits may be impacting your sperm count and overall reproductive health.
  • Receive your Trak Score:  Trak uses a proprietary algorithm to generate your Trak Score based on wellness, diet, exercise, stress, heat and toxins - six important reproductive health parameters that have been shown to impact sperm production.
  • Get a Game Plan:  Your Trak Report includes a personalized set of recommendations so you can make healthy changes to improve your sperm count.
  • Test, Track and Improve:  Log, track, understand and act on semen test results from a medical provider or use the multi-test Trak Male Fertility Testing System to test your sperm count at home in minutes. Test monthly and use the app to track improvement over time.
  • Learn More: The Trak App includes a vast library of articles and content to help you understand and take control of your reproductive health.  All of our content is curated by leading urologists who specialize male reproductive health.

The Trak app is completely private, anonymous and secure with no annoying ads or premium pricing. Get everything you need to support your reproductive health right at your fingertips.