Designed to Make Sperm Health Easy for All Men

Introducing the Trak Fertility Program - Easy. Private. Affordable. Sperm Care  on Your Terms.


Multi-Test Device to Measure Sperm Count

Only $199 

Everything you need for 4 home tests
Access to mobile app


Multi-Test Device +
Custom Fertility Plan

Only $299 

Save 21%

Everything you need for 8 home tests
Access to mobile app
30-45 min. call with Trak Coach to develop custom fertility plan


Multi-Test Device + Customer Fertility Plan + Ongoing Coaching Support

Only $599 

Save 45%

 Everything you need for unlimited testing for up to one year
Access to mobile app
30-45 min. call with Trak Coach to develop custom fertility plan
Ongoing coaching support via email, chat, phone calls and text m

First, get to know yourself better.

Get Tested

Take the award-winning Trak Male Fertility Testing System to learn your sperm count at home.

Take Our Health Assessment

Download our free mobile app and answer a series of questions about your health and habits. The app uses science to identify your personal risk factors and help you understand what may be impacting your sperm count and overall reproductive health.

Next, rethink your strategy

Our data-empowered Trak Coach will use your test and health assessment results to provide you feedback and help create an actionable plan to reach your goals.

Then Make a Game Plan

Schedule a 30-45 minute phone call with a Trak Coach to discuss goals, personal challenges, and answer questions. We’ll work with you to create a customized plan with perfectly timed reminders, resources, support and accountability that you need to boost your progress.

Finally, Start Seeing Your Health Benefits

Once you have your plan, make it routine. Our team is dedicated to helping you reach your goals. If something isn’t working, we’ll work with you to modify and improve. We’re around 24/7 via chat, email, text messaging, and phone calls.

*Message and data rates may apply. Refill kits will be sent out monthly upon consumer shipping request. Trak recommends testing twice initially and then once a month until successful conception or other reproductive goals are met. Deluxe testing is limited to 24 tests within one 12-month period. Trak is not responsible if scheduled calls are missed or left unscheduled.