Easily determine if you or your partner’s sperm count is Low, Moderate, or Optimal.

Immediate and Easy to Read Results


See how your lifestyle is affecting your sperm count.

Are your habits affecting your fertility?

Our health & habits questionnaire gathers key data about your lifestyle and uses proprietary algorithms, built with leading urologists in male reproductive health, to give  you a sperm friendly score from 0 – 100.

Get personalized tips to improve your sperm health.

Our comprehensive report provides simple steps that you can start today to improve your reproductive health.

Log and track results over time.

See where your results fall and how lifestyle changes can affect sperm count.

Learn what your semen analysis results mean.

Semen analysis can be confusing — count, motility, morphology — what do all these numbers  mean? The Trak app breaks down the semen analysis to explain each number, what they may mean for your fertility, and how you compare to the population and medical guidelines.

Get educational support every step of the way.

Feel empowered to make decisions about your health by learning how your reproductivesystem works and what research has shown impacts sperm quality.


Small changes to your lifestyle can make a big difference for your sperm.

Trak is designed with leading men’s reproductive specialists to help identify your risk factors and give you the tools you need
to take action and increase your sperm count and chances of conception.

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What Customers Are Saying

EXTREMELY easy to use. The process does not take long at all and there is plenty of useful information on how to increase your count. With 4 tests this would be much cheaper then going to get tested at a clinic. - LT

This kit is very easy to use. The process isn't complicated and easy to figure out. If discreet is what you want, then this kit is the way to go.

- Lawtooth

This product is fantastic on all accounts. The shipping was quick and the box was discreetly delivered.  The directions were very easy to follow with very quick results. It was so nice to be able to get results at home, instead of having to go the clinic.


After a lot of prompting from my wife I finally broke down and started seriously working to learn about and improve my fertility. And this system was a life saver. Being able to avoid constant embarrassing Dr. appointments not only saved my psychological pain but so so much money.

-Amazon Customer

I had no idea that pretty easy changes could make such a dramatic impact. We just tested again and our count has already increased! I highly recommend to anyone who has been having trouble TTC.

- Amazon Customer

Powered by Clinical Research

Trak showed 97% accuracy compared with a standard laboratory test. Our proprietary microfluidic system is engineered to provide the most precise sperm count measurement available.  As the Trak Prop spins, sperm are selectively filtered to ensure that your results are accurate to our stringent performance standards.