Guy friendly fertility tools designed to help you get pregnant faster.

Test and Strengthen His Fertility

Trak's game changing technology and precision engineering make it easy for him to test and try to improve sperm count from home.

  • Maximize your chances of conception
  • Learn what habits might be hurting his fertility
  • Customize his nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle to optimize sperm health
  • Determine if he needs to see physician for further testing
  • Understand if supplements, diet and other lifestyle changes are having an impact
  • See where his health, habits and sperm count rank against other men

Fertility Solutions Just for Him

    The App.

    Like putting a male fertility coach in his pocket.

    Sperm counts are not set in stone and can be improved in as little as one month. Assess his fertility risks and get personalized coaching so he can make healthy changes to improve sperm count.

    The Test.

    The at-home sperm test that delivers more than just results.

    Measure sperm count into 3 easy-to-understand categories: Low, Moderate or Optimal for conception from the comfort and privacy of home. FDA cleared, lab accurate, immediate results. FSA/HSA eligible.

    More Sperm Equals Faster Conception

    Research data suggests if sperm concentration is high enough, it statistically reduces the influence of other sperm parameters including motility and morphology. To put it simply, the higher the count, the better your chances of conception.