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According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine:

  • Infertility affects men and women equally 1
  • Only 24% of U.S. infertile couples can access all of the resources they need to get pregnant 2
  • Men are 2.5 times less likely than women to see a doctor 2

Why Trak?

Lower patient barriers to medical evaluation and treatment by helping men get tested sooner from the comfort and privacy of home.

In accordance with the current ASRM Practice Committee guidelines 3, the Trak System semi-quantitatively categorizes sperm concentration as LowModerate, or Optimal, whereas other home testing options only provide binary “yes/no” results.

The Trak app and educational materials were built with leading urologists in male reproductive medicine to help couples understand the prevalence, causes, and intervention options for managing male factor infertility.

Trak allows men to conveniently measure sperm concentration as they pursue health, medical, and behavior interventions intended to improve sperm production.

Trak is a class 2, over-the-counter hematology device that was shown to meet the accuracy of laboratory semen analysis in a 3 site, 239 patient U.S. clinical trial4,5

Laboratory Accuracy & Precision

Trak provides linear test results with strong correlation to gold standard microscopy and superior precision due to proprietary technology that analyzes significantly larger volume of semen compared to other methods:

  • Dynamic range from azoospermic to 200+ M/mL
  • Analytical linearity coefficient (r)=0.99
  • Precision coefficient of variation (CV) < 1.5% (compared to > 10% for laboratory analyzers)
  • 99% of Trak users say they’re confident they performed the test correctly and got an accurate result

See our publication in Fertility & Sterility 5

What Doctors are Saying…

It’s so awesome to see a technology that is geared toward something that I specialize in and that I love doing on a day-to-day basis… helping men improve their reproductive health so that they can have babies and become fathers.

Dr. Jamin Brahmbhatt, MD, The PUR Clinic, Orlando FL

One unique aspect of Trak is that it’s semi-quantitative. Patients don’t want to know “yes/no” in terms of sperm quality, they want to be pregnant.  They really want to target the best opportunities to make that happen and this allows that.

Trak is a real game changer when it comes to at home fertility testing.  For years, women have been able to use ovulation predictor kits or multiple apps… but the other half of the equation, the guy, has always been a big black box.  Until Trak came around.

What Users are Saying…

“It’s convenient and easy to use.”

“[Trak] allows me to test sperm count at home – which is fun and less nerve racking than having to go to the hospital to find out.”

“Simple and nice to be able to perform at home and at leisure.”

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