Trak Male Fertility Testing System

Trak Male Fertility Testing System

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Low sperm counts are a leading cause of infertility and can delay your ability to get pregnant. Luckily your count isn’t set in stone. Find out where you stand and start optimizing your reproductive health today with Trak, the award-winning at-home Male Fertility Testing System that delivers much more than just results.

About Trak Fertility Test For Men

  •  Easy-to-use. Comprehensive kit includes everything you need to test sperm count and semen volume in the privacy and comfort of home.
  • Designed for conception. More than a yes or no, Trak is the only at-home test to measure sperm count as Low, Moderate or Optimal for conception.
  • NEW semen volume collection cups. The new Trak Volume Cups are the only FDA cleared way to diagnose hypospermia (low semen volume) at home.
  • Accurate as the lab. Trak’s precision engineered microfluidic technology is FDA cleared and validated against standard lab methods
  • See changes. Use the Multi-Test System with the Trak: Sperm Health & Fertility App to log, track and try to improve sperm count over time: 4 tests included, refills available
  • Private. Discreet, unmarked packaging delivered to your door - no prescription, no mailing, no waiting for appointments.
  • Immediate, no hassle results.
  • HSA / FSA eligible. Save money by using Health Savings Account or Flex Spending Account dollars.
  • Military Discount now available
  • Made in the USA

1 Engine, 4 Sperm Count Props, 4 Semen Volume Cups, 8 droppers, 8 seal before spin stickers, 1 bottle of control solution, 2 AA batteries, Owner’s Guide, and our 27-page Man’s Guide to Reproductive Health

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 25 reviews

      Im so happy that a product like this was created. It gives many couples the chance to have a family.

      Easy to use

      Easy to use only complaint is the price of refills.

      Best at home sperm test

      I love how easy Trak is to use. I also like how I can test in the comfort of my own home. The site and customer service are friendly and helpful.

      Huge help

      Testing in the office always felt so weird and clinical. This will help us a lot with trying to become parents!

      This sounds like a gamechanger

      We've been trying for 3 years with no positive pregnancy tests, we know my husband has low count and motility but being able to test at home would be amazing. We're excited to try this!