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Male infertility affects millions of couples every year. Our team is working to help men become dads by redefining what’s possible.

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Innovation with Purpose

Our technology has never been just about measuring sperm counts. It’s about men — and finding better ways for men to manage their reproductive health. We’re committed to building tools and data driven analytics that unlock new men’s health insights that can help couples get pregnant faster.

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Leading a Revolution in Male Reproductive Health

Sperm are poorly understood. Until now, scientific knowledge around how men’s general health and lifestyle impacts sperm production and fertility has been hampered by relying on expensive, inconvenient, and imprecise lab-based semen analysis techniques. Trak is accelerating the field by merging highly precise home testing with digital data tools: an unprecedented approach to a better understanding of men’s reproductive health.


The Trak® At-Home Testing System is FDA-cleared to be just as accurate as the gold standard lab test.

FDA 510(k) Clearance


Trak®'s digital tools uniquely capture health and lifestyle data alongside sperm count results.

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