Sandstone Diagnostics Announces Launch of Men’s Health and Fertility Mobile App at Health 2.0 Fall Conference

Paired with Trak Male Fertility Tracker home test kit, the Trak Sperm Health & Fertility mobile app will create a novel, integrated tool to help couples conceive

LIVERMORE, CA  – Sandstone Diagnostics, a consumer health company developing connected technologies and tools for home health-tracking, announced the early-release launch of the company’s TrakTM Sperm Health & Fertility mobile app, which provides users with personalized guidance on health, wellness, and lifestyle behaviors to help optimize male fertility. Sandstone will showcase their TrakTM Male Fertility Tracker products – including the mobile app – today during the “New Consumer Health Ecosystem” session on the main stage at the Health 2.0 9th Annual Fall Conference.

Data suggest that men contribute to half of all infertility cases, but couples currently have very few options for tackling this half of the conception equation.

The Trak mobile app is currently available for download at no cost from the Google Play store. The Apple iOS version will be available later this month. Sandstone’s Trak Male Fertility Tracker kit includes a device and single-use cartridges for measuring and evaluating sperm health from the comfort and privacy of home. Currently in clinical trials across the United States, the kit will be commercially available in 2016, at which point users will be able to pair it with the Trak mobile app to learn what their personal sperm count results mean and health behaviors that can improve them.

“What is truly innovative about Sandstone’s approach is that they don’t just provide a test kit,” said Michael Eisenberg MD, director of Male Reproductive Health & Surgery at Stanford University Medical Center.  “Trak is a wellness tool that helps men understand their results and take steps to help improve their reproductive and overall health.”

Sandstone Diagnostics’ product demonstration will take place today at 8:05 a.m. in the Santa Clara Convention Center, Mission City Ballroom. 

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