Sandstone Diagnostics Releases Fertility Risk Assessment Insights Identifying Threats to Male Reproductive Health

With over 10,000 respondents, the findings gathered through an online Fertility Risk Assessment questionnaire cite factors that may be driving the global decline in sperm counts

LIVERMORE, CA – Sandstone Diagnostics, a consumer health company providing tools and educational services that empower men to test and improve their reproductive health, released data and insights around health and lifestyle factors that could be causing fertility problems.

“In releasing these insights we hope to build awareness around this devastating crisis men are facing,” said Greg Sommer, Sandstone Co-Founder and CSO. “These are young men who don’t regularly see a doctor. The evidence shows that improving your health and habits early in life can make a big difference for both your reproductive health and overall health.”

The data were gathered since May 2015 via an online Fertility Risk Assessment questionnaire. The ongoing free assessment, which was built with top urologists in male reproductive health, surpassed 10,000 respondents in August 2017 and shows that men are generally overweight, stressed, and not eating or exercising well.

The results, available by free download on the company’s website (, are broken down by six lifestyle categories: At Work, At Home, In the Kitchen, At Play, In the Gym, and In the Bedroom.  Example findings pointing to fertility issues include that 65 percent of respondents eat fruits and vegetables less than once per day, 83 percent are frequently or sometimes stressed, their average BMI is 26.4 (overweight) and 60 percent exercise for 20 minutes only once or twice a week or less. The average age of the respondents is 33           

Sandstone’s report comes on the heels of research published in July showing that sperm counts in Western men declined by 52 percent from 1973 – 2011.  While more research is needed to pinpoint the causes behind the decline, health and lifestyle factors are often cited as likely major contributors.

Earlier this year, Sandstone launched the Trak Male Fertility Testing System – an FDA-cleared, first-of-its-kind home testing device and mobile app that allows men to track their sperm count at home as they take personalized steps to improve their sperm production and boost a couple’s chances of conception.  

“I’m glad to see Trak is bringing more awareness to this important issue,” said Dr. Joel Batzofin MD, Fertility Specialist and Founder of New York Fertility Services. “The insights in Trak’s report highlight that men should be more aware of the effect that their lifestyle habits may have on their fertility, and the need for men to get tested when couples are trying to conceive.”

About Sandstone Diagnostics 

Sandstone Diagnostics is a Bay Area consumer health company providing tools and educational services that empower men to test and improve their reproductive health. The company’s first product, the Trak® Male Fertility Testing System, is now available. For more information, please visit