Sandstone Diagnostics to Present Patient Impact Stories at 2019 StartUp Health Festival

Festival held alongside 2019 JP Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco, CA.

PLEASANTON, CA  – Sandstone Diagnostics – the maker of the Trak® Male Fertility Testing System that allows men to measure and track sperm count at home – proudly announces that CEO Karen Drexler and Founder/CSO Greg Sommer will showcase the company at the 2019 StartUp Health Festival, held alongside the 2019 JP Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco CA.

Ms. Drexler and Dr. Sommer will present the impact that Sandstone’s patented Trak System and CentriFluidicTM technology has had by bringing centrifugation into consumers’ homes during the Festival’s Health Transformer Spotlight session.

With the world’s largest digital health portfolio (260+ companies spanning six continents, 22 countries and 70+ cities), StartUp Health is mobilizing a “Growing Army of Health Transformers” to achieve 11 Health Moonshots, with a 25-year mission to improve the health and wellbeing of everyone in the world.

“We’re honored that Sandstone has been granted a Spotlight session at this year’s StartUp Health Festival to showcase the impact that Sandstone’s Trak System and technology have had on patient health outcomes,” said Ms. Drexler. “San Francisco is the epicenter for healthcare innovation this week, and this is a tremendous opportunity to show how Sandstone’s portable centrifugation tools can positively transform the way people think about and manage their health.”

Sandstone’s Spotlight Session is scheduled for 2:30pm PT on Tuesday, January 8th.  The StartUp Health Festival is an invite-only event. For more information visit


  Greg Sommer StartUp Health Festival promo

About Sandstone Diagnostics

Founded in 2012 in part by government scientists from Sandia National Laboratories, Sandstone’s mission is to provide innovative, data-driven tools to help men assess, manage, and improve their reproductive health.  We are a team of scientists, developers, health and business professionals. We are also proud members of the StartUp Health and Stanford StartX accelerator programs. But most importantly we are fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, and friends who care deeply about improving men’s reproductive health and helping people start their families. For more information, visit and, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter @TrakFertility.


About StartUp Health

StartUp Health has amassed the world’s largest portfolio of over 260 digital health companies from six continents and 22 countries and has a global network of over 200,000 investors, customers and partners. StartUp Health is backed by leading health systems, payors and pharmaceutical companies committed to collaborating with entrepreneurs dedicated to transforming health by providing capital, expertise and commercialization opportunities to gain traction and scale. To apply to attend the Festival, visit Tune into the free livestream and watch online at on Jan. 7-8, 2019 beginning 10:00am PST.