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World Class Male Fertility Technology

Learn how Trak’s innovative microfluidic design provides the precision & reliability you need

Our proprietary microfluidic system is chemically engineered and manufactured to strict tolerances to provide the most precise sperm count measurement available.  As the Trak Prop spins, sperm are filtered through a lab-grade nanoparticle media in the tightly-defined Prop channels to ensure that your results are accurate to our stringent performance standards.


This breakthrough technology is the culmination of years of research & development dedicated to building, validating, and delivering clinical male infertility tests to your home.

How it works…

trak fertility science


Add a few drops of sample to the Trak disposable test Prop.

trak fertility science


The Trak Engine uses centrifugal force to isolate & quantify sperm cells.

trak fertility science


The higher the white column, the more sperm you have.

Easy to Read Results

Trak results are based on World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines & clinical studies comparing couples’ time to pregnancy with sperm counts.

Lab grade performance

We’ve put Trak through over 500 hours of rigorous testing to ensure top-notch performance. We proudly cleared it through the US FDA, following a 3 site clinical trial that demonstrated Trak is as accurate as the gold-standard laboratory test.

Powered by clinical research

Our educational materials, data-driven algorithms and personalized recommendations were developed with leading reproductive urologists and peer-reviewed clinical research.

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Trak is a comprehensive approach to men’s reproductive health.

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The Testing System

Track sperm counts over time with our home testing system.

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