Sex can get ridiculous when you are trying to conceive. From trying to find that perfect moment just before ovulation to standing on your head to keep all those little swimmers in there to wearing your lucky baby making socks, many couples get creative when it comes to sex while trying to conceive. If you have a sense of humor about it, these things can bring you closer together. But they can also bring some stress into your relationship.

I’ve got some good news. Good sex is may give your chances of getting pregnant a little boost. A recent study showed that women who reach orgasm are 15% more likely to conceive. Why? Here’s a little breakdown of the science and few tips to spice up the bedroom when trying to conceive.


Research suggests that men may actually produce better semen samples when they are more sexually excited. Holding off and letting the excitement build can cause men to ejaculate more sperm.

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For men, there is a complex relationship between testosterone, sex drive and sperm production – these factors are linked but it’s a little unclear what causes what. The experts generally agree that regular sex can serve as a form of exercise and can help boost testosterone and sperm production. Heightened arousal and delaying ejaculation can enhance these benefits.

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Cervical mucus present during ovulation can make sex more enjoyable and serves as a nourishing transport fluid to help sperm swim up into the fallopian tube. Many researchers also believe that vaginal contractions that occur during orgasm can help draw sperm up into the body. No worries if you don’t achieve orgasm, there are also researchers who believe that the satisfying release and deep relaxation that follows good sex is also beneficial for fertility.


Sex is nature’s way of helping balance our hormones. Sex releases the hormone oxytocin in both men and women. Oxytocin is responsible for the lovey, cuddly feeling that we experience after having sex. It is responsible for strengthening the bond between partners on a biological level. It also directly reduces the stress hormone cortisol. This natural reset can help balance your hormones and improve fertility for both partners.


Trying to conceive can wreak havoc on your sex life especially if you have been trying a while. Here are a few ideas to help make a stand for good sex:

  1. Talk it out: Talking about sex can take some of the pressure off. For some people having a sense of humor about it can help restore intimacy. For others, having a safe space to vent frustrations and just know they are heard can help.
  2. Make space for each other: Busy schedules can make quality time with your partner difficult to come by. When you are trying to conceive, those alone moments often turn into opportunities to try to make a baby. After a while that can become another form of work. A date to a good restaurant or a long walk at the park can feel luxurious and help rekindle your relationship.
  3. Don’t underestimate the power of touch: Sexuality can bring a lot of powerful emotions. Non-sexual touch – holding hands, back rubs, foot rubs, brushing her hair – can create space for physical intimacy that isn’t so emotionally charged.
  4. Take your time: Sometimes when we are trying to conceive we can rush sex. Taking your time can strengthen climax on both sides. There’s a lot of pop wisdom out there on how to do this. Generally, finding ways to be more present with each other will go a long way.
  5. Try something new: In long term relationships, we can often fall into traditions of doing things the same way every time. Try to mix things up by trying something new or something you haven’t done in a while.