When should you start testing your sperm count?

Sperm Matter.

Low sperm counts are a leading cause of infertility and can delay your ability to get pregnant. In fact, men now contribute to nearly half of all cases of infertility, and the problem may be worsening as recent studies show that the average sperm count has plummeted by over 50% since the early 1970s.

Studies also show that couples are more likely to conceive when men have a higher sperm count.

Simply put: More Sperm = Faster Conception

When Should You Start Testing Your Sperm?

Some guys don’t want to know. We get it. We’re all a little nervous the first time.

But if you’re thinking about having a baby, or just want to better understand your overall health, measuring and tracking your sperm count could be really important and helpful. 

Check out the questions below. If you answer “Yes” to any of them, you’re ready to test yourself.

If you answered YES to any of these questions, now is a great time to start testing your sperm count at home.

Sperm count is a great barometer for your fertility and overall health.  If you’re planning on having a baby, the earlier you can start boosting your sperm health the better. Don’t wait several months.

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