Tracking and Improving Male Fertility At Home

This test works! Trak showed 97% accuracy compared with a standard laboratory test. Trak is available to purchase on their site. It ships quickly and discreetly and is an amazingly powerful tool when trying to conceive.

Trak is so much more than just a sperm count test though. With the Trak app, take the health & habits questionnaire. With proprietary algorithms created with information from urologists, your partner will get a score that illustrates how “sperm friendly” his lifestyle happens to be. The Trak app also breaks down semen analysis so it is easy to understand. If he is making changes and testing again, he can track his results on the app as well. Trak is all about giving you and your partner as much information as possible in a way that is understandable and applicable to your conception journey.

See the full review in Daily Mom.  Thanks for the great review!