Trak Male Fertility Testing System

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The Trak Male Fertility Testing System:

  • Used 100% AT-HOME – No Need To Mail Anything
  • Easy To Use
  • See Your Fertility Results In Minutes

Low sperm counts are a leading cause of infertility and can delay your ability to get pregnant. Luckily your sperm count isn’t set in stone. Find out where you stand and start optimizing your count today with Trak®, the award-winning at-home Male Fertility Testing System that delivers much more than just results.

Trak’s precision engineered CentriFluidicTM technology provides a lab accurate result and is the most precise at home sperm test on the market. Use the Trak at-home sperm test at the start of your conception journey – when you first decide to start getting pregnant – and see how high you can go! The higher your sperm count the better your chances of getting pregnant, so don’t wait.

Trak Systems include the Trak Engine, Sperm Count Tests, Semen Volume Cups, and our 27 Page Man’s Guide to Reproductive Health.

Welcome to Trak – the best first step for men who want to be dads.


Trak is the only at home sperm test designed to help men to test, track and improve sperm count and volume over time. Other at home tests provide only “Yes” or “No” results.  Trak is the only FDA cleared device that measures sperm count as Low, Moderate or Optimal for conception. Trak’s Volume Cups are the only FDA cleared way to diagnose hypospermia (low semen volume) at home.

Learn why Trak is the best first step for men who want to be dads.

About the Trak Male Fertility Testing System:

  • Easy-to-use. Comprehensive kit includes everything you need to test sperm count and semen volume in the privacy and comfort of home.
  • Designed for conception. More than a yes or no, Trak is the only at-home sperm test to measure sperm count as Low, Moderate or Optimal for conception.
  • NEW semen volume collection cups. The new Trak Volume Cups are the only FDA cleared way to diagnose hypospermia (low semen volume) at home.
  • Accurate as the lab. Trak’s precision engineered CentriFluidic Technology provides the most precise sperm test on the market, and is FDA cleared and validated against standard lab methods.
  • See changes. Use your Multi-Test System to track progress over time. Need more tests? Refills available here.
  • Private. Discreet, unmarked packaging delivered to your door – no prescription, no mailing, no waiting for appointments.
  • Immediate, no hassle results.
  • HSA / FSA eligible. Save money by using Health Savings Account or Flex Spending Account dollars.
  • Military Discount now available
  • Made in the USA

Not sure yet? Check out our Customer Stories to learn how men are getting in the fertility game and becoming dads with Trak.

Trak Male Fertility Testing System: 2 Tests

Test The Waters
$74.99 Lowest Price System
  • Reusable Trak Engine
  • 2 Sperm Count + Semen Volume Tests
  • 27 Page Man's Guide to Reproductive Health

Trak Male Fertility Testing System: 4 Tests

90 Day Improvement Plan
$124.99 Good Value
  • Reusable Trak Engine
  • 4 Sperm Count + Semen Volume Tests
  • 27 Page Man's Guide to Reproductive Health

Trak Male Fertility Testing System: 6 Tests

150 Day Improvement Plan
$174.99 Best Value
  • Reusable Trak Engine
  • 6 Sperm Count + Semen Volume Tests
  • 27 Page Man's Guide to Reproductive Health

Returning Customer? Refill Tests Available Here

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Weight28.6 oz
Dimensions7 × 13.5 × 3.3 in
Number of Tests

2 Test Kit – $74.99, 4 Test Kit – $124.99, 6 Test Kit – $174.99

Why Trak?

Men are the cause of infertility 40-50% of the time

Take The Trak 90 Day Challenge

Trak Engine close upLow sperm counts are a leading cause of infertility and can delay your getting pregnant. Sperm counts aren’t set in stone. Trak personalized recommendations could be much faster and cheaper than invasive tests and procedures, especially those that focus only on her.

Improve your fertility in just 90 days. Purchase Trak, measure where you are today, and take our assessment to get your personalized recommendations. Improve your sperm count and watch your Trak tests improve.

You’re not alone. Many men have improved their sperm counts with Trak and then gotten pregnant! You can, too. 90 days of sperm-friendly living can make a big impact on your count, fertility, and chances of pregnancy. Get started today!

What's Included

Trak Engine

1 Reusable Trak Engine

Fill a disposable Prop with your semen from the Trak Volume Cup and place it on the Trak Engine.

The Trak Engine spins automatically for about 6 minutes to separate and quantify the sperm cells.

Volume Cup

Trak Volume Cups

The Trak Volume Cup is coated with a liquefaction enzyme that break down sample viscosity, and includes specially designed features for a simple and accurate visual reading of semen volume.

Trak’s Volume Cups are the only cups that integrate volume measurement directly into the collection cup itself to diagnose low semen volume – hypospermia – from home.

Trak Prop

Trak Props – Sperm Count Tests

The Trak Props are precision-engineered, disposable strips that provide a visual measurement of sperm concentration, or sperm count, in millions of sperm cells per milliliter.

The Trak result categories are based on World Health Organization guidelines and clinical studies that show having an Optimal sperm concentration reduces the influence of other sperm parameters including motility and morphology on fertility outcomes.  To put it simply, the higher the count, the better your chances of conception.

27-Page Man’s Guide to Reproductive Health

The 27-page Man’s Guide to Reproductive Health is available in print and digital formats. The Guide contains common male fertility questions and advice on how to strengthen your sperm count from home.

Customer Reviews

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Product worked well.

Product worked well just started using it. Customer Service found why order did not ship and rectified the missed shipment.

Just to be sure, right?

Super easy to use, very well designed and the ability to test in your own home. Come on lads don't let bravado get the better of you - if you're planning for your future, best to know and prepare accordingly!

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Happy Customer

I host a podcast all about my quest for a sperm donor (SpermCast if you're interested!) and I discovered Trak through my research. I've now used the test on 4 potential sperm donors and it has really opened my eyes to male fertility and the stigma and shame around the whole subject. I'm not only impressed with the effectiveness and ease of use of the product (as well as the clever, casual tone of simple instructions), but I'm also impressed with the company for destigmatizing and starting an open dialogue about a subject that humans have been grappling with, literally, since the beginning of...humans. Thanks, Trak!