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Download the free Trak: Sperm Health & Fertility app to get an evaluation of your fertility risks and personalized tips to improve and track your sperm health over time.

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Track your life, measure your sperm, get pregnant faster


Log and measure your sperm results over time as you make progress


The Trak App works with both the Trak Testing System and standard semen analysis. Enter your results and get clear feedback about where you stand.


Easy-to-read, light-hearted articles on male reproductive health. Because knowing is half the battle.


Learn more about the science of reproduction. Be empowered to take control of your health & prepared to talk to your doctor.


Personalized feedback on how your health & habits may impact your fertility


Small changes can have a big impact on your reproductive health. Get personalized lifestyle and behavior tips to improve your chances of conception.

Are your habits affecting your fertility?

Our health & habits questionnaire gathers key data about your lifestyle and uses proprietary algorithms, built with leading urologists in male reproductive health, to give you a sperm friendly score from 0 – 100.

Get personalized tips to improve your sperm health.

Our comprehensive report provides simple steps that you can start today to improve your reproductive health.

Log and track results over time.

Track your test results over time to see changes as you make progress in your reproductive health. The Trak App allows you to enter both semen analysis and Trak test results.

Learn what your semen analysis results mean.

Semen analysis can be confusing — count, motility, morphology — what do all these numbers mean? The Trak app breaks down the semen analysis to explain each number, what they may mean for your fertility, and how you compare to the population and medical guidelines.

Get educational support every step of the way.

Feel empowered to make decisions about your health by learning how your reproductive system works and what research has shown impacts sperm quality.