Get the most out of Trak (Part 1: Test)

Trak is more than just a home test kit - it’s a whole new approach to fertility that can help you maximize your sperm production and tilt the odds of conception into your favor.

Get the most out of Trak (Part 2: Learn)

Think of Trak the same way you think about your bathroom scale when you’re trying to get in shape – instead of shedding some pounds you’re going to Trak yourself to into elite sperm producing shape.

Get the most out of Trak (Part 3: Improve)

Now that you can measure it, you can improve it.  Sperm count is kind of a unique health parameter, in that it can rise and fall, ebb and flow for a lot of different reasons.  With Trak we want to arm you with the tools you need to optimize your sperm health.

How Often Should You Test Your Sperm Count?

At Trak, we not only want to help you test your sperm count, we want to give you the tools you need to optimize your sperm production and boost your chances of conception.

How to Collect a Semen Sample

Let’s start with the bright side – collecting your semen is way better than getting your blood drawn. Some might call the collection process the best part. And most guys would probably consider themselves a “subject matter expert” in semen collection based on decades of first-hand experience honing their craft.

Sperm: The Sixth Vital Sign

When you think about standard medical tests you probably think blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, etc.  These are general tests that physicians rely on to flag potential underlying conditions such as risk of heart attack or stroke.

What Is An Optimal Sperm Count?

Your Trak System conveniently categorizes your sperm as Low, Moderate, or Optimal for pregnancy.  To help you understand what these results mean, let’s dive into the science and statistics behind fertility population research.

National Infertility Awareness Week - Flip the Script

Male Fertility Matters | National Infertility Awareness Week 2018

It’s National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW), and, at Trak Fertility, we are thrilled to join Resolve, our partners, customers, and the entire fertility community to help #FlipTheScript and change how others view infertility. Let’s start by correcting a few of the most common misconceptions about male fertility: