Trak fertility tracker, a breakthrough in at home sperm count testing launched

Sandstone Diagnostics, a company based at Livermore, CA has launched Trak, a revolutionary new approach to male fertility that helps men test, learn and try to improve their sperm count over time. 

Many couples simply delay fertility treatment because the male partner is not comfortable in getting a semen analysis in the laboratory. Well, Trak not only measures sperm count based on current world health organization (WHO) guidelines and clinical research, from the comfort and privacy of your home, but it also offers you advice to improve the reproductive health.

This easy to use, first FDA cleared Trak engine uses centrifugal separation technique to isolate and quantify sperm count. The results are displayed like a thermometer reading as Low, Moderate or Optimal for conception.

The kit that is available on Amazon, costs 199 $ for four testing sets. It is mailed to your doorsteps in discrete package and each set includes a collection cup, a dropper, a stick that the company calls a prop, and two seals.

Simultaneously, set up the Trak app on your smart phone and have to feed in answers to simple life style questions. The app will give you a basic score and combined with the sperm test results, you get information to make changes in your life style to improve your low results.

Many other at home sperm count testing devices are available but the combination of centrifugal system and app to improve reproductive health gives it an edge over other devices.