Trak is proudly partnering with Nutrient Foods and EverlyWell to power a revolutionary study on men’s health. 

Men who are overweight or obese are more likely to have lower libido’s, sperm counts, semen volumes, and testosterone levels compared to other men. Nutrient, a company that makes nutrient-rich foods, has shown in two previously published studies that consuming five Nutrient meals each day produces significant weight loss. 

Nutrient is looking for overweight men willing to track changes to their Sperm Count, Testosterone, and Virility while following their proven weight-loss meal plan for 16 weeks. All at no cost to you, and all from the comfort and privacy of your home. If you think you meet the above criteria, click below to learn more about the study. 

About Our Partners

It took Nutrient Foods six years of research, development, and clinical studies to create the most nutrient-dense meals in the world. Each one delivers tangible health outcomes by giving your body everything it needs, nothing it doesn’t.
They initially created these meals for themselves, their loved ones, and their friends. Word spread quickly, and it wasn’t long before people all over the country asked to be part of the Nutrient revolution. Today, they’re proud to say they’ve delivered over two million meals and helped transform thousands of lives along the way.

EverlyWell delivers a better, personalized, and actionable under- standing of your health via at-home lab tests. We make testing accessible and convenient with easy-to-read instructions, pre-paid shipping to certified labs, and physician-reviewed results & insights via our intuitive platform. We empower our community to gain health insights from wherever they are, as people not patients.