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Our technology has never been just about measuring sperm counts. It’s about men — and finding better ways for men to manage their reproductive health. You can refer patients to Trak® Fertility and offer them a customized coupon code for a discount off of the Trak® System.

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Vasectomy (VAS) Reversal

After a vasectomy reversal, urologists can use Trak Male Fertility Testing System to enable and empower their patients to track their progress back into fertility as they heal from surgery.

Patients and doctors love Trak® because it provides a feedback mechanism during those critical months post surgery without having the patient immediately return for a full semen analysis. Patients can report back to their urologists using the Trak® Sperm Count Enhancement Protocol (TCEP). Armed with their Trak results, they can schedule follow-up appointments and any additional testing necessary with a strengthened understanding of their male reproductive health.

Varicocele Repair or Varicocelectomy

Man conducting an at-home Trak test.

After a varicocele repair or varicocelectomy, urologists may want to enable men to track their change in fertility. They can use Trak Male Fertility Testing System to enable men to track their change in fertility (sperm count/sperm concentration) after the surgery from the comfort of their own home.

In these cases, men may not have to return for a full semen analysis, but rather could track their progress and convey the results to their doctors. Periodically, the urologist may still request the patient come in for another full work-up, but the Trak Male Fertility Testing System is designed to help men check progress in their sperm count over several months before requiring a more time consuming and costly semen analysis.

Fertility Treatment

Couple reading a Man's Guide to Reproductive Health by Trak.

Doctors are using Trak Male Fertility Testing System to complement their fertility treatments, helping male patients improve their reproductive health.

Trak enables and empowers the patient to track his own progress on a regular basis without having to return to the doctor’s office for a full semen analysis.  This progress can be shared with the doctor and used to complement the doctor’s treatment plan.

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The Trak® Sperm Count Enhancement Protocol (TCEP)

Used as a guide for men who want to enhance their fertility and improve their sperm concentration. Patients can report back to their Urologists over the next several months and schedule follow up appoints and testing, as necessary, armed with their Trak results.

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