What’s behind the decline in sperm counts?

Today we are very excited to release data that’s been two and a half years in the making! In May 2015, we launched a Male Fertility Risk Assessment tool on our brother website dontcookyourballs.com. It’s a free interactive questionnaire that can help you identify health and lifestyle factors that could be causing fertility issues. It’s still available… go ahead and try it, we guarantee you’ll learn something.

In August 2017 we surpassed 10,000 responses. It’s tough to get 10,000 guys to do anything, let alone something health related. So we decided now is the time to crunch the numbers and put out a summary report of the data captured to date. You can download or view the report below.

We found many of the findings fascinating and thought-provoking, and hope you do as well. This report follows recent research showing that men’s sperm counts are facing a steep global decline, with health and lifestyle factors often identified as contributing factors.

Men’s health is facing a 21st century crisis. At Trak, we’re committed to reversing this trend to help men reach their reproductive goals.