Why you should start thinking about your fertility in your 20s — even if you aren’t ready to have kids yet

“The reasons behind this decline need more research, but experts at Trak identify men’s lifestyles as something that may be contributing to the problem. According to their survey, many men who are beginning to track their sperm count are sitting for long stretches and not getting enough sleep. Of those surveyed, 65% said they eat fruits and vegetables less than once per day, and 60% exercised for 20 minutes once or twice a week or less.

All of this shows that everyone, of every sex and gender identity, who wants to have children naturally at some point should be thinking about their fertility, or at least their sperm count or menstrual cycle. It doesn’t have to be an overwhelming or scary thing. For people with penises, it can just come down to prioritizing overall health. For those who menstruate, it could mean logging your cycle into a period tracker and making simple lifestyle changes like eating healthy and getting enough sleep.”

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